PLANet Team

We enable your team to easily track what they do best.

Get started quickly!

Whether it's a cupcake factory, or an enterprise - you want to track your projects. With PLANetTeam your startup will be able to hit the ground running. You can get going without a cumbersome setup. Simply invite your team members and load tasks into a project. It really can be that easy.

Make it your own!

When it comes to enterprises, we understand one-size-fits-all paradigm doesn't apply. As easy as our quick-start is, we built PLANetTeam with customizability in mind. With our app, you can:

  • Create workflows without constraints
  • Group content to fit different teams
  • Customize projects and tasks to suit each department

Plan, Execute, Monitor, Repeat

Monitoring allows you to gain actionable insights you can use to course-correct. PLANetTeam offers a suite of familiar reports to help your team identify areas of improvement.

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